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Bixie (Salon)

The Bixie team ( all agree that Y.S park tools are amazing! Here our some their stylists favourite and must have tools from YS Park.

1. The YS Park extra long pin tail comb makes sectioning and working through your section a breeze with the ability to work in big sections and get your foils right to the root creating amazing results. Sheree's fav is the pink of course.

2. Y.S. Park G Series 65G0 Curl Shine Styler brush 65G0 is amazing! We swear by it. It creates the most beautiful shinny finished result. Our clients love the shine and glow this brush gives. It's Nasser's favourite. He suggests it's a must have in a hairdressers tool box.

3. Stylist Ali's choice is the Y.S. Park Beetle Soft Cushion Styler Brush. This brush is amazing for creating soft movement with out static. Great for creating editorial looks for your client to walk out feel fabulous and right off a run way.