YS Park 116 Fine Stainless Steel Pin Tail Comb – Cherry Birch
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Y.S. Park

YS Park 116 Fine Stainless Steel Pin Tail Comb

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The thicker tail on this YS Park comb allows for the hair to quickly and effortlessly wind around the tail. It is perfect for achieving freehand colouring and tint/foil work. Fine teeth is suitable for thick hair.


  • Fine Teeth.
  • Thicker tail width.
  • Shortened first tooth for separating hair easily and quickly.
  • Gradual Decreasing Pitch (GDP): the spacing between each tooth is gradually narrowed by 1/100 mm from the previous tooth, creating equal tension through the entire length of the comb in a single stroke.
  • Made from imido plastic, which is up to 220°C heat resistant, chemical resistant and has a strong yet flexible body.
  • Length: 223mm

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